An adventure in the forest!

On Monday, Nursery and Reception went on a trip. We travelled on a coach all the way to Delamere Forest. Our mummies, aunties, and nannas came too. When Henry looked out of the coach window, he saw horses in the fields eating grass.
When we got to Delamere Forest, first of all we went to find the Gruffalo! Lola felt a little scared, Matilda and Toni-Christina were excited to find him.
We walked and walked through the forest, following arrows that showed us the way. There were woodland activities along the way. Henry’s legs were aching.
We finally reached the Gruffalo – he was huge! His back was covered in purple prickles, he has a green wart on the end of his nose, he looked at us with his orange eyes.
After that we all had our dinner together, ready for a fun filled afternoon.
Next we went down to the Forest School, where Helena showed us lots of exciting activities, which we all got to have a go at.
Jessica’s favourite part of the day was walking to the Gruffalo, but she was a little bit scared!
Nathan M had a sleep in the hammock!
Kris liked the squelchy mud, and he found a newt under some chairs.
Matilda was very brave and proud when she found the Gruffalo.
Cayden was taller than everyone when he stood on the treehouse!
Sophia and her Auntie Vicky helped each other to make a den out of sticks.
Henry and his mummy hunted for mini beasts.
Elijah and Sofia had fun making dens and hiding in them.
Lola M’s favourite part was doing all the activities in the woods with her mummy.
Demi-Lee made us all some delicious mud pies!
Toni-Christina enjoyed looking at the big Gruffalo.
Connor B liked jumping in the muddy puddles!
















One thought on “An adventure in the forest!

  1. Nicola November 13, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Had a fantastic day, all the children loved it. My daughter is still talking about it a trip for her to remember 🙂

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